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I'm Yannic Vollmer and...

I'm on the way up

Chairman at BIG FIVE GROUP Brand Builder Content Creator
Chairman at BIG FIVE GROUP Brand Builder Content Creator
Serial Entrepreneur NFT Enthusiast Designer
Serial Entrepreneur NFT Enthusiast Designer
Tech-Geek OTWU Founder Video Creator
Tech-Geek OTWU Founder Video Creator

Hi there, great to meet you!

What’s doing… glad to see you visiting my website. Before you move on please read the following carefully, because this might not what you’ve expected. I’m pretty sure that you came on my website because you saw a pice of content on your favourite social media platform, and you thought: “Who in the world is that guy?”. Well, that’s a good question. But let me tell you, that you will not find what you might expect. It seems obvious that I’m another of that “gurus” out there who are posting a lot of content that all has the initial goal to sell you something sooner or later. If you’re looking for something like this, then I have to disappoint you.

Because I will never sell you a course, coaching or what ever. I will never write you any DM on Instagram or where ever to sell you some shiny trading or investment strategy… To be honest I’m super tired of all this “fake gurus” out there… The only mission I have is to share the highest possible value for everyone out there that is like me on the way up, building a business. Yes, I’m an entrepreneur and I thought it would be cool to share the real stuff on how it really is to build a serious business. So no flexing travel lifestyle, no Lamborghinis in my Gararge, No Privat Jets. I want to share stuff like all the hard learning from failures, all the sleepless nights because you have no idea what to do next and for sure all the amazing moments when you finally figured out how to get things done. As Entrepreneurship is a part of modern pop-culture it gets way to serious out there coaching people how to be one. But for me it’s like everything else in life, don’t take it to serious and most important never forget about the fun… So, if you are still here after reading this I’m happy to welcome you to the “On The Way Up” Community.

Follow my journey

Every week I’m publishing new videos about my way up where I talk about how I’m building my businesses, what I’ve learned, what mistakes I made. I’d like to make a little difference in this world and hope I can inspire others to do the same. 


On The Way Up

After 15 years of moving on the entrepreneurial journey I decided to go public by sharing my experiences. On The Way Up is a community brand that has the mission to transfer information about modern day entrepreneurship.



Music is a passion of mine since I was a kid. And I produces music for over 10 years as a hobby without showing it to the public. In 2023 I decided to give the music a face and a Name and started my very first own artist brand called NANDY.



A record label built for what’s next. We’re a collective fueled by next generation hybrid artists. We are here to redefine what it means to be an artist in a whole new dimension.


Beto’s Sports Bet Club

As a strong believer in blockchain technology I added a unique NFT based product and digital asset to the GSBN business and created “Beto’s Sports Bet Club” a membership based NFT product that builds a investment community on top of a elite sports betting network.



As a Co-Founder of GSBN I helped to make a vision become reality. Based on a unique technology based algorithm GSBN enables Sports Betting as a modern day way of smart investment independent from any economic development.s


BIG FIVE Savanna Club

A NFT-based community of intellectual property that connects a new generation of entrepreneurs all around the world to solve the most exciting challenges of tomorrow.



A technology-driven media and communication company that helps businesses to stand out for what’s next.



A global acting, blockchain-driven charity organization that has the vision to flip the system by actively giving back and building impactful momentum around the world.

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