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What is "On The Way Up" and what my mission behind is.
August 19, 2023

Written by

Yannic Vollmer

Something I did for the past 15 years of my life...


hat is "On The Way Up" and what it means personally for me? Well, it desribes the kind of lifestyle I was living for the past 15 years on point. Why? Because I was building businesses over and over again and was figuring out what it really is that I want to do. And more important what kind of entrepreneur I would like to be.

As entrepreneurship is a part of the modern pop-culture these days I was feeling this need to tell my point of view about being an entrepreneur.

That’s when I came up with the idea to create a entire content framework about my journey so far and about the journey that I’m about to go in the future. 

On The Way up is my community project with the mission to let the real side of entrepreneurship go viral, to educated all the people out there that have that dream of building something impactful and to share my opinions on future topics that will affect entrepreneurship in man way. 

I’m looking forward to this journey…

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